Sometime it becomes very difficult business owners, managers or executives to stay on top of the latest challenges and trends in workforce management. Whether you are considering resizing your workforce, dealing with unemployment issues, analyzing employee benefits or compensation, preparing for a merger or acquisition or just trying to improve organizational communication, OneSource consultants are experienced in helping companies of all sizes move forward and achieve an environment where all employees are effective, motivated and profitable.

Consulting Services

  • Training and assistance on proper search, interviewing and hiring techniques;
  • Training and assistance on with performance reviews, improvement measurement, and proper documentation;
  • Establishing a uniform progressive disciplinary policy;
  • Advise on proper  termination procedures;
  • Conduct on-site employee problem investigations and make recommendations;
  • Advise ADA and ergonomic issues;
  • Compensation surveys and structuring;
  • Assist with design or redesign of accrual policy for vacation, personal, sick and other paid time off.

Labor Law Compliance Services

  • Respond, investigate and document alleged harassment claims;
  • Conduct harassment and discrimination awareness programs;
  • Regularly notify all employees of the company’s harassment policy;
  • Ensure Fair Labor Standards are being met;
  • E.E.O.C. Compliance.